Which Programs and Services Do We Offer?


Work Services

VIP’s Work Services provide valuable prevocational training and work experience through a variety of in-house contract work and trial employment opportunities. Each client’s skill level and interests are evaluated and used to develop appropriate individualized employment services and vocational goals.


ACE offers a variety of opportunities for access to the local community and can be provided through both stand-alone and layered services. Using a small staff-to-client ratio, ACE provides training opportunities that are geared toward independence and potential future employment. Trainings may include, but are not limited to: development of work rules and attitudes, vocational skills and proficiency, social skills, life skills, health and wellness, advocacy, and others. This training is accomplished through activities such as volunteerism, job exploration, educational classes, community tours, SCIL center participation, A-TEAM meetings, and other valuable resources. Community access and integration are a critical part of ACE.


A-TEAM is a national grassroots advocacy group that promotes choice, opportunities, and advancement for individuals with disabilities. In 2019, VIP, Inc. proudly established the first and only official A-TEAM chapter in the State of California! A-TEAM California is a collaboration of self-advocates and their family members who want to ensure that a full array of service options remain available for all Californians with disabilities. For further information on A-TEAM California, please join our Facebook group at A-TEAM California or contact Lucia Mogan at 909.483.5924 or luciam@vipsolutions.com.

Group Placement and Individual Placement

Supported Employment Services offer assistance in securing and maintaining quality employment with the professional services of an employment specialist and a job coach. Individual and group placements are located throughout the Inland Empire.

Direct Placement

Direct Placement services are specifically geared for individuals referred by the Department of Rehabilitation. Individuals are assisted in the procurement of integrated and competitive employment based upon individual interests, experience, and abilities. Time-limited job coaching services are provided to help maintain employment.

Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation is a time-limited service for Department of Rehabilitation clients that is used to assess feasibility for supported or competitive employment.

Transition Program

The goal of VIP, Inc.’ s Transition Program is to assist students during the last two years of school develop the necessary skills to successfully transition from high school to work training, employment and independence. An extensively-trained transition specialist identifies each students needs and designs an individualized support and training program to gain work experience and secure paid employment.

Summer Work Program

VIP, Inc. provides a Summer Work Program to assist students in retaining the work skills developed throughout the school year. Program days and hours are dependent upon the work site assigned to each individual. All students enrolled in the Transition Program will be offered the opportunity to participate in the summer Work Program.

What Are The Benefits?

  • informed choice regarding employment
  • individualized job placement services
  • training in appropriate communication and work behaviors
  • bilingual staff and professional support services including assistance with the application and interviewing process and mobility and safety skills training


For eligibility and referral information, please contact Mariann Guerrero at (909) 483-5924 or marianng@vipsolutions.com